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11 May 2015
As with every magnetic work holders, EDM chucks provide uniform, full magnetic holding coverage throughout the entire floor of the work piece. CNC programming is simplified since setup, changeover and dismantle minute rates are drastically reduced.

The EDM process is widely used by moldmakers, but is also used to manufacture prototypes, parts of complex shapes, unattainable materials with close tolerances, or low quantity production parts in the aerospace, automobile and electronics industries. Traditionally, EDM work pieces were clamped and strapped onto plates. This caused more setup time, a failure to position multiple work pieces for a passing fancy plate, an inability to automate and caused more advanced CNC programs. EDM magnetic chucks take away the unproductive unwanted effects of mechanical clamping. techno

Summary of EDM Magnetic Chucks

EDM magnetic chucks are made from encapsulated ceramic or Neodymium (rare earth) permanent magnets and could be controlled mechanically or electronically depending on the application. They possess a low magnetic height to lower secondary erosion. A superb magnetic pole distribution provides a uniform magnetic holding force that enables for sparking parts better the chuck surface to eliminate interference from your magnetic field from distorting the EDM process. Additionally, the fine pole design will not obstruct flushing. Like all magnetic work holders, EDM chucks provide uniform, full magnetic holding coverage over the entire floor from the work piece. CNC programming is simplified since setup, changeover and dismantle rates are drastically reduced.

Magnetic Control

EDM magnetic chucks may be controlled manually having a lever that turns the magnetic force off or on. No electrical power is needed, passing on portability plus an intrinsic failsafe feature. They may also be controlled electronically, which gives the chuck a variable holding force, by 50 percent ways: electro-permanent and electromagnetic control.

Electromagnetic chucks are made from electrical coils wound around a steel core embedded in the chuck. To energize the electromagnetic field, a chuck controller can be used to develop a variable DC voltage inside the chuck's coils. The chuck's poles are magnetic so long as voltage is used. The operator may change the controller's DC voltage to vary great and bad the magnetic field, which, therefore, offers the variable holding force.

Electro-permanent magnetic chucks (commonly called electroperms) can be a hybrid with the permanent and electromagnetic chuck types. They are designed with a coil wound around permanent magnetic material embedded in the chuck plate. Whenever a DC voltage is used, the magnetic materials are charged, that can about 1 second, and holds the workpiece even after power is taken off. They've got variable holding power capability comparable to electromagnetic chucks. Power is necessary is de-energize the magnetic field. This gives them both a failsafe edge over electromagnetic chucks and eliminates the accidental release of work piece.

The power Automation

EDM magnetic chucks will be more flexible and accommodating to machining multiple parts with one setup or several elements of varying dimensions. Conventional chucking would require much more setup time and energy to prepare for the EDM process. An additional advantage of magnetic workholding is palletization. In one setup, EDM pallets might be moved coming from a 5-axis machine, for the EDM, drilling operation, or any other machine that's build for pallets.


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